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Applying for Social Security Disability Because of a Seizure Disorder

You recently began experiencing seizures for the first time in your life. They are scary, stressful and cause you to miss out on a variety of activities. Having them also prevents you from being able to go to work every day. Now you need to find another source of income, and Harrisburg Social Security disability may be able to help.

What You’ll Need

When you apply for Social Security, a claims officer will require specific information from you that will help decide if you are eligible to receive benefits. This information typically includes a diagnosis of epilepsy, a detailed description from third-party witnesses accounting for your disorder, a detailed description of your seizures, results of an EEG, a detailed treatment history, evidence you’ve been taking your medications in the way they were prescribed and a statement from your doctor backing up your claims.

Qualifying for Benefits With Convulsive Epilepsy

Although every case is different, the Social Security Administration typically looks for a few key factors when deciding if applicants qualify to receive benefits. Those with convulsive epilepsy are required to have at least one seizure a month despite being on medication for at least three months. Additionally, the seizures must occur during the daytime and result in convulsions or loss of consciousness, or if the seizures occur at night, they must cause symptoms that interfere with your daytime activities. 

Qualifying for Benefits With Non-Convulsive Epilepsy

Those who suffer from non-convulsive epilepsy must prove they experience at least one seizure a week in spite of taking medication for at least three months. The seizure must also significantly affect your daily activities or cause abnormal post-seizure behavior.

If you’re having difficulty obtaining Harrisburg Social Security disability, contact the attorneys of Schmidt Kramer. We may be able to help.

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