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Check Out How To Stay Safe and Prevent Injury and Wrongful Death During This Pennsylvania Deer Season

Today is the first day of Pennsylvania deer hunting season for 2013.  Although the season is generally fun for the hunter, there are many safety tips and precautions which will prevent injuries and accidents.

To keep hunting a safe and enjoyable activity, follow these rules:

  • Positively identify your target! Be sure you are shooting at legal game. Never shoot at sounds or movement!
  • Stay in the zone! Know your safe zone-of-fire. Never shoot at game moving between you and someone else.
  • Plan your hunt! Let someone know where you’re hunting and when you’ll return.
  • Buckle up! If you hunt from an elevated stand, always wear a full-body, fall-restraint device as soon as your feet leave the ground until they return.
  • Keep fit! Hunting is hard work. Don’t become a statistic—keep physically fit. Start with a check-up and follow your doctor’s advice.
  • Stay found! Become familiar with your hunting area. Learn how to use a map and compass or GPS unit. Be prepared for emergencies. Carry a basic survival kit and know how to use it.
  • Be seen! Wear or display the required amount of fluorescent orange clothing.

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