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Time to Prepare for Winter Driving

cars covered in snowWith winter approaching, it is important to prepare for more hazardous driving conditions by prepping your vehicle and making necessary driving adjustments.

Here are some ways to ensure your safety as well as the others sharing the road with you during winter weather:

  • Make ride preparations early: By scheduling a routine maintenance checkup for your vehicle in the fall, your car can be looked over by an experienced mechanic to see if it meets winter conditions. This appointment may include checking your heater, brakes, windshield wipers and other important auto parts.
  • Create a winter car survival kit: Certain items are important to have while driving on the highway during winter. Articles of safety gear like sand, a shovel, flashlights, flares or a blanket are important to keep in your car because winter conditions create new dangers on the road.
  • Warm up your engine:  Warming your engine during winter months will melt ice and snow gathered on your vehicle before you drive. You should also make sure your windshield, side view mirrors and rear window are clear before driving.
  • Slow down: In warmer seasons, your speed may not be such an issue when it comes to avoiding hazards on the road. It the winter, cautious driving can prevent you from becoming susceptible to hazardous road conditions hidden by winter weather. It is also wise to allow your tires to grip the road more securely so you can stop safely when necessary.

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