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What to Expect in Routine Reviews of Your Social Security Disability

Just because you are finally getting your disability paycheck from the PA Social Security office doesn’t necessarily mean you can breathe easy. While many people are able to continue using SSD benefits for the rest of their lives, others must give up benefits due to a change in their medical or work conditions.

Every person’s eligibility for SSD is reviewed periodically. How often your claim is reviewed depends on the likelihood that your health will improve. For example:

  • If your doctor expects that your medical condition will improve, then your SSD benefits will be scheduled for review anytime between 6 to 18 months following your first paycheck.
  • If the doctor says it’s “possible” that your condition might improve, the SSD will schedule your first review of benefits three years after you start receiving them.
  • If the doctor expects no improvement in your medical condition, then you will have at least seven years until your case is reviewed.

It’s important to note that you are responsible to notify the local SSA if your medical condition does improve earlier than expected or if you are able to get a job before your scheduled review. These two conditions will likely result in an early termination of your Social Security disability benefits in Pennsylvania.

If your claim is up for review and you fear you may be in danger of losing your SSD benefits, you may want to consult with an experienced Central Pennsylvania SSD attorney to determine what options you may have. The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer have extensive experience with these types of cases and may be able to help you get and keep the SSD benefits that you need to survive. For additional information regarding the Social Security disability system in Pennsylvania, visit our blog or check out our extensive library section.

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