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Pennsylvania Law Requires Drivers to Remove Snow from Vehicles

cars driving in snowThe Pennsylvania State Police is reminding residents to clear any ice and snow from their vehicle’s windows prior to driving.

Title 75 Section 4524 of Pennsylvania’s statutes specifies that drivers must have clear and unobstructed views through all windows and be able to see the road.

This means that any debris, like snow or ice, must be completely removed before a vehicle is allowed to be driven on a road or highway.

If a driver neglects to comply with this law, local police and state troopers can issue him or her a fine ranging from $25 to more than $100.

Pennsylvania law also states that if a person is injured or killed by snow or snow falling from a vehicle, the vehicle’s owner could be fined up to $1,000 and held liable for the accident.

These laws exist to keep pedestrians and motorists safe during winter months and requires advance preparation on behalf of drivers.

Pennsylvania residents are encouraged to have tools like an ice scraper and preparation plans that allow them to efficiently clear their vehicle of any ice or snow.

Drivers can also stay updated Pennsylvania’s roads and highways by visiting for efficient travel planning and alerts on unsafe conditions.

The effects of winter weather can leave vehicles and pedestrians vulnerable to unsuspecting hazards. Auto accidents caused by these conditions are easily preventable if drivers take the time and effort to properly maintain their vehicles.

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