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When Tire Separation Caused by a Manufacturing Defect Is to Blame for Your Crash

Since the tread was wearing low on your tires, you decided it was time to purchase a new set. Fortunately, Lancaster has a variety of tire shops from which to choose, including Tires Plus Total Car Care and H & F Tire Services.

Soon after the tires were replaced, the tread separated from one of your tires while you were driving—causing you to become involved in a terrifying crash. Often, manufacturer defects are the cause for this type of problem. Were they the cause of yours?

When a defected tire causes your crash:

  • Signs of a tire manufacturing defect. If you notice your vehicle beginning to vibrate or feel like it’s moving side to side, it could be the result of a manufacturing defect. Additionally, the presence of a bump in the tread area is also a sign your tire wasn’t put together correctly.
  • Reasons for the defect. Tire defects occur when something goes wrong during the chemical process of manufacturing the tire and the tread and steel belting section didn’t bond to the casing properly. When this occurs, a bubble will begin to form in the tread area and expand until the tire separates.
  • What to do. If you are suspicious that your tire is defected, replace it immediately and return the tire back to the store from which you purchased it. If the merchant refuses to give you your money back, contact the manufacturer directly. Inform them of the problem and they may give you compensation for the faulty tire.

Tire separations are often the cause of car accidents. If this happens to you, the legal professionals of Schmidt Kramer may be able to help you receive compensation for any medical bills or vehicle repairs that occurred as a result of the accident. Call us, fill out our online form, or use our website chat feature to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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