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The Breakdown of a Tire Separation That Causes an Auto Accident

You rely on your tires to get you from point A to point B safely. Tires are what separates you from the road and you depend on your tires. Unfortunately, not all tires are created equal and many are made with defects. Additionally, over time they can wear out and separate while driving.

Tire Separation Can Cause Many Problems

When you were driving on Route 283 and your car began to swerve uncontrollably, you suspected there was a problem with a tire. After you collided with another vehicle because of the loss of control, you saw that the tire was shredded into pieces. How could this happen? Here, we take a look at the separation of a tire.

The Breakdown of a Tire

  • Tire composition. Tires are constructed out of specialized rubber compounds that are reinforced out of piles of fabric cords and metal wires. These cords and wires give a tire its shape and prevent the rubber from stretching out too much. Adhesives and rubber are used to coat the cords and wires to help bond the tire together.
  • Signs of tire failure. As tires start to come apart, they often become unbalanced. Drivers will typically detect a vibration that feels like a side to side shake when they ride, particularly when going between 10 and 40 mph. Continuing to ride on a tire that is in this condition will ultimately lead to its breakdown.
  • Tire separation. Tires often separate when in motion, or while motorists are driving. When the tire separates, it may simply go flat; however, it may also begin to shred and the tread can break away from the tire. When this happens, you could lose control of your vehicle or the missing tire could cause it to slow down dramatically and cause a major accident.

A lawyer from Schmidt Kramer may be able to help you if you were injured in an accident that was caused by a separated tire. Contact us today to start discussing your situation—we are standing by to help.

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