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Tips to Make Driving With Your Kids in the Car Safer

Driving can be one of the most complicated tasks imaginable—especially on busy roads like I-81 and I-95. However, it becomes even trickier when you add kids to the mix. Parents don’t have the luxury of simply looking at the road and keeping their hands on the steering wheels. Instead, most parents are constantly looking in the back seat at the children, changing the channel on the radio, handing out food, and picking up dropped toys—the list seems endless.

What Can You Do to Make Driving Safer?

Since driving with your children in tow is often unavoidable, it is up to you to make doing so safer for all involved. Here, we discuss a few ideas that may keep you and those in your vehicle safe.

Keep Snacks Nearby

It seems like children are always hungry, and become even more so when in the back seat. If you aren’t able to feed them before you get in the car, keep a bag of snacks handy. Place the bag on your front passenger seat so that you can easily reach it and hand it to your child in the back, without taking your eyes off of the road.

Set up Car Rules

Before you begin your journey, lay down the rules of the road with your kids. Tell them screaming and fighting is not tolerated, and if an object falls on the floor, it stays on the floor until you reach your destination.

Use Your Rearview Mirror Appropriately

If you looked into the rearview mirrors in most parent vehicles, you would probably notice they are directed at the kids, not out the back windows. Although the mirror is certainly a handy tool when it comes to keeping an eye on your little ones, it should be used to see what is happening on the road behind you. 

If Your Efforts Fail

If you still end up being involved in an unfortunate accident that wasn’t your fault, we invite you to contact the York auto accident attorneys of Schmidt Kramer for help. We can discuss your situation with you and let you know more about your rights and options. Connect with us today!

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