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Drive safely to show you care this Valentine’s Day!


For many of us in Pennsylvania and around the country, Valentine’s Day can mean a lot of things—going out to dinner, receiving flowers and candy, going on a date, or celebrating with friends. This can actually be distracting and lead to a car accident, ticket, or other problem.  When you have a lot on your mind, you may not be thinking about practicing safe driving habits, and celebrating the holiday can mean staying out later, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions for teens.

The holiday falls on a Saturday this year which may lead to more incidents.  Schmidt Kramer wants you to remember the following tips when driving this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Driving at Night – Going out to dinner, on a date or hanging out with friends can mean driving home after dark. Make sure that you are following cars in front of you at a safe distance and if you can avoid it, don’t drive at night.

Distractions – If you are driving to dinner, or driving your friends to a party or going on a date, make sure that they are not distracting you. Also put down your cell phone—a quick text message or phone call can wait until you arrive at your destination.

Speeding – Don’t rush! Make sure that you leave your destination in time to arrive at the next one on time. If you double your speed from 30 to 60 mph breaking distance is not twice, but four times as long.

Seatbelt Use – Make sure that you buckle up before you put your car in drive, and make sure your date or friends wear their seatbelts—even if they are in the backseat.

Drinking and Driving – State and local police officers will be cracking down on underage drinking this Valentine’s Day. They will also be looking for unsafe driving practices such as speeding and careless driving. There is no point in increasing your chances of getting a ticket—or worse such as causing a Pennsylvania car accident which would result in someone needing a Pa. injury lawyer.

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