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Three Warning Signs to Avoid When Choosing a PA Injury Attorney

Choosing the right lawyer can give you a headache. So many sound good on paper that it can be difficult to narrow it down. When choosing the right lawyer for you, beware of any who say the following:

“I Can Do It All”

Different types of lawsuits require a somewhat different skill set simply because the laws regarding each type of case are unique. If you ask an attorney what his or her specialty is, be wary of a lawyer who tells you, “I can do it all.” It’s one thing to have a firm that has attorneys specializing in several areas. It’s an entirely different thing when one lawyer claims to be an “expert” in multiple disciplines.

“I Don’t Want to Go to Court”

Often, a skilled attorney is able to settle out of court with favorable results for the client. However, it may be necessary to take the case all the way to an appeals court should mediation efforts fall short. You need to know that the attorney who is representing you has the skill and determination to go that extra mile to make sure you get an adequate settlement.

“It’s Too Hard to Explain”

Communication is key. A good lawyer knows how to explain each step of the process to a client and will do his or her best to keep you up to speed on how your case is going. If your attorney refuses to tell you what’s going on or shrugs off your questions as being too complicated, he or she may not be a very good lawyer or may even be hiding something.

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