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Filing a Claim When You’re a Passenger in a Car Crash

You took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo with your friend and her children. When it was time to come home, the drive was uneventful—until she drove onto I-30. A tractor-trailer swerved into her lane and side swiped the vehicle. Everyone in the car was injured, and you spent some time in the hospital. You can only imagine how much your medical bills will come to, and you’re wondering how you’re going to afford the costs. As the victim of a car crash in Carlisle, you have rights and may be able to receive compensation by filing a claim.

Filing an Injury Claim

As the passenger, you file claims with the insurance companies of both the driver of the car you were in, as well as the driver of the other vehicle. Collect insurance information from both drivers and make a claim immediately after going to the hospital for an examination. After your medical treatment is completed, the insurance companies will likely want to settle. If both drivers are at fault, your attorney will likely need to negotiate with each side before a settlement is reached. Passenger claims are typically settled quite easily, however, some can become more difficult than others.

When Neither Side Wants to Settle

Typically, each driver’s insurance company uses a percentage amount to determine their share of liability. For instance, one driver could be 75 percent to blame, while the other is only 25 percent. The amount each side pays to the passenger depends on how liable they are. When the sides can’t come to an agreement about fault, however, your case could drag out until terms are reached.

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