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Test Drive Accidents: Who is Liable?

test drive liabilityTest drives can be exciting. Getting the feel of your dream car and experiencing how it handles on the road is fantastic – until you get in a car crash during the test drive. What should you do now?

Below is information drivers may find useful regarding dealership insurance coverage and test drive accidents.

Insurance Coverage by Car Dealers

If you want to take a used or new car for a spin at a dealership, you may be relieved to find out most dealerships have insurance coverage for all of the vehicles on its lots. This way, even if you get into a car accident off the lot, the car is typically covered by the dealer’s insurance.

Although test drive accidents are not common, it is helpful to be aware of what to expect if you are in a car wreck.

If the car crash is the other driver’s fault, the other driver is the responsible party and their insurance company is liable for paying damages and for any injuries. Say you drive a faulty vehicle at the dealership that results in an accident, the dealership’s insurance coverage will usually pay for injury compensation and damages.

In most cases, accidents that occur during a test drive are usually minor. However, any car accident can create legal complexities. If you have been injured in a test drive accident, contact Schmidt Kramer right away to find out how we can help you earn the compensation you deserve.

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At Schmidt Kramer, our car accident lawyers have the skills and resources necessary to recreate the scene of the accident and prove who or what caused the collision. This is especially important in the successful litigation of a car accident injury claim involving a vehicle being test driven.

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