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Reasons You Should Take Notes After a Harrisburg, PA Car Crash

woman writing in notebookYou may be surprised at how quickly crash victims can forget important details about their accidents. They may struggle to remember aspects of the collision just hours after it happened.

That is why you should not rely solely on your memory of the incident. Many crash victims find it helpful to take notes soon after the crash.

Below, we discuss the benefits of taking notes about a Pennsylvania car crash, including how it may help your lawyer prove the other driver’s negligence. If you have questions about how you can build a strong case for compensation, call our Harrisburg auto accident lawyers to schedule a free legal consultation.

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How Taking Notes Could Help Your Lawyer With Your Claim

The victim/plaintiff has the burden of proof in a personal injury case. The victim must prove another party should be held liable for injuries and damages caused by the accident. He or she needs evidence about the collision and the injuries that occurred.

While there are various types of evidence that may help to prove a car accident case, your account of the crash is particularly important. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget things in the hours and days after a crash occurs. Taking notes soon after the incident occurs can help to jog your memory about details you may struggle to remember later.

Taking notes also helps victims avoid contradicting themselves. If you rely solely on your memory, your account of the crash might change over time. However, taking notes throughout the legal process can help you to be consistent with your statements. A lack of consistency affects your credibility and gives the insurance company a reason to deny or undervalue your claim.

Taking Notes About the Accident

As soon as you are able, you should write down what you remember about the crash. For example, you could do this while waiting for the police to arrive right after the crash. If your injuries are more severe, you could write down notes at the hospital after your injuries have been stabilized.

You should write down anything you think might be important, such as:

  • What you saw the other driver doing before the crash
  • What you were doing before the collision (making a left or right turn, going through an intersection, waiting at a red light, etc.)
  • What happened during impact (where did you feel pain, how did your body move during impact, etc.)
  • If there was heavy or light traffic at the time of the collision
  • Where the collision happened
  • Whether you talked to the other driver after the collision
  • Whether you moved your car after the crash
  • Weather at the time o the accident

Taking Notes About Your Injuries

The main goal of a car accident claim is to recover compensation to cover the cost of your medical care. Taking notes helps to ensure you do not forget to mention symptoms to your doctors. You can also take notes after your medical appointments to avoid forgetting what you discussed and what the doctor said. Doing this consistently helps to supplement what is in your medical records.

Taking notes also creates a record of the effects of your injuries, including ongoing pain and physical limitations. This is important because your notes may help you recover compensation for non-economic damages, including:

There is no official way to prove the value of non-economic damages like these. Your lawyer is going to rely on your medical records and your account of these damages.

Documenting critical details throughout your medical treatment is important as well. For instance, explaining how you are responding to treatment, whether your symptoms are improving or getting worse, and whether you are developing any new symptoms.

Notes about your treatment show that you are taking your injuries seriously. This can make it harder for the liable insurance company to argue your injuries are no big deal.

Notes About Other Losses You Suffered

Many crash victims are unable to work for a certain period. In fact, some may never be able to work as much as they did before the accident.

You should take notes about the time you miss from work, why you are unable to work, and the things you are no longer able to do at your job. This can help to validate your claims for lost wages and loss of earning capacity following the collision.

You may be unable to take part in the same activities you once did, such as sports or other physically demanding leisure activities. You may also be unable to help around the house as much as you used to. Your injuries may affect your relationship with your spouse, including intimate relations. These are things you should write down. Documenting these things as they happen makes it harder for the insurance company to argue you are making things up to inflate the value of your claim.

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