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When Life Just Isn’t the Same: Suing for the Depression You Experienced After Your Crash

You were on your way to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire when you were involved in a serious accident. When the truck hit you from behind, your head hit your steering wheel and caused a serious concussion. A few months later, you’re still suffering from daily headaches and migraines because of the injury.

Your doctor has also diagnosed you with depression because of the injuries related to the accident. Your depression prevents you from being able to enjoy your family, friends, and your life. Your spouse suggests you sue the driver for your depression, but can you?

Depression Is a Serious Condition

Along with the mental anguish you’ve experienced because of the accident and injuries, you’ve also racked up significant medical bills, including those to see a therapist. Suing the driver may help you recover some of the fees from the medical treatments, as well get you compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. In order to increase your chances of getting the results you desire, you’ll need the following evidence:

  • Mental health narratives. Ask the counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or family doctor who diagnosed you with depression to write a medical narrative on your behalf that describes your mental health condition and how it began when the accident occurred.
  • Letters. Letters describing how you have changed since the accident from people who know you the best may help your case. Friends, family members, your spouse, church pastor, co-workers, and acquaintances can write about how you’ve been tired, crying frequently, been refusing to eat, or any other behaviors that go along with your depression.
  • Your journal. Write daily in a journal about how you feel and your thoughts. Recording your present recollections is a tool that can be used in court to show your emotional distress.

Get the Help You Need

The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to talk to an attorney about your case and find out if we can help.

If you know someone who is depressed after an accident, we encourage you to share this information with him or her!

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