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Speed, Safety and a Stretch of Road in Fayetteville

Posted October 12, 2012

Dangerous speeds on Route 30 in Fayetteville need PennDOT’s attention.

Guilford Township expects to work with State Representative Rob Kauffman in order to have a speed study done on the section of Rt. 30 near Fayetteville, according to an article on Two employees from a local business were concerned enough for their customers’ safety as they cross Route 30, that they went to the township seeking a solution for the heavy, fast moving traffic they observed outside their store.

Janet Meredith and Raymond Martin started the ball rolling, and now the township has submitted a request to PennDOT to reduce the speed limit.  PennDOT regulations will control whether the speed limit is lowered or not. Once the speeds of travel are tracked, there are specific criteria to determine whether the speed limit is brought down or whether law enforcement is simply encouraged to concentrate more attention on the area. Reducing the speed is near and dear to the employees of the Fayetteville Antique Mall who have not forgotten losing their boss, Laverne Dymond while he was crossing the section of road.

We applaud the people in Guilford Township and representative Kauffman for pushing to make the roads safer. The Harrisburg personal injury attorneys at Schmidt Kramer often see the sad and tragic results of driving too fast. Our clients have been hurt by speeding drivers who lose control of their vehicles or who are unable to stop within a safe distance. The rules of the road in Pennsylvania are intended to keep the motoring public safe, and the lawyers in our firm work daily to hold reckless drivers to the law.  When a driver is speeding and you or your loved one is injured, call a Harrisburg car accident lawyer to talk about your options.

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Do you think this section of Rt. 30 is unsafe because of the speed of cars?  

Joe Chapman