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Self-Driving Car Crashes Raising Safety and Liability Concerns

self-driving carsSelf-driving cars may be considered the future of technology in the automotive industry, but are they actually making our roads more dangerous?

Companies such as Uber, Tesla and now Google have each developed autonomous vehicles, a technological advancement that is supposed to making driving safer. However, in the wake of high-profile accidents involving self-driving cars, new questions are being asked about their safety and who is liable when such incidents happen.

In a recent article on autonomous cars, there are several things automakers and suppliers will need to consider moving forward when it comes to product liability.

The transition to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road will take time and so will the issue of removing human error altogether. Over 90 percent of car accidents are currently related to human error. However, self-driving cars still need drivers. Motor vehicles with autonomous technology do help prevent drivers from speeding or texting, being distracted, driving aggressively or under the influence.

Regardless of improved vehicle safety, accidents continue to happen nationwide. This means that determining liability for an accident will not shift until more autonomous cars hit the road.

State and federal laws concerning autonomous cars are also evolving. Once manufacturers are issued a set of restrictions to meet, the more common it will be to continue blaming an accident on a distracted driver verses a faulty car part.

If all car accidents in the future are related to defects in programming, then software developers may also be held liable. Until there are fully autonomous vehicles on the road, the more concerns will be raised regarding safety and product liability.

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