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See What To Do If Car Damaged By Road On Camp Hill Bypass

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

According to a TV 27 report and the Carlisle Sentinel, PennDOT says typically it prefers not to keep exposed concrete out for more than seven days.  However, anyone who has traveled the Camp Hill bypass from Camp Hill to Harrisburg, however, has driven on a rough road for weeks, and it’s not likely to be solved soon.

One of those drivers is Beverly Hughes from Camp Hill.  Hughes sustained a flat tire and reported that several of her co-workers have experience flat tires after driving over the same stretch of road. The bill to patch her own tire was a little less than $30..

If a flaw in the pavement can be attributed to the puncture, PennDOT says drivers have options.  “It should be brought to our attention,” PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny told abc27. “We will examine it, and if that’s the case, I think they (drivers) would be entitled to some type of reimbursement for the damages.”

PennDOT said it has heard the concerns from residents — as well as government officials who travel on the same stretch of road — but it may still be some time before the problem is corrected.

PennDOT estimates the project to be finished before fall, but its budget only allows for a NovaChip coating, which will help preserve the concrete but will not make it as smooth as spreading pavement.

PennDOT told abc27 that crews have worked overnight on the Wormleysburg section of the bypass since mid-April. When the crews removed the blacktop on the bypass, they found more repair work that needed to be completed, which is why the section of road has been in its current condition for so long, Penny said.

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