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Uber App Safety Improvements

ride-sharing service becoming saferOver the past decade that Uber has been operating, the company has achieved soaring success thanks to its satisfied riders and drivers with this handy on-demand private transportation service.

However, even with this success, there have been some shortcomings: privacy violations, drivers operating under the influence, women harassed and traffic violations, among other problems. In response, the company has made some positive changes.

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Enhancing the Safety of Uber Riders and Drivers

The problems Uber has had to deal with have motivated the company to make strong improvements to the safety of both the driver and the rider. Uber is therefore improving several processes, including the following:

Screening All Drivers Annually

Uber has always conducted criminal and driver history checks on every driver before allowing him or her to enter its fleet, but the company will soon run these checks annually.

This screening is meant to give riders peace of mind while traveling, knowing that their safety is top priority to the company. Uber has terminated drivers who have proven to be unsafe, late, rude, or have had other problems reported by riders.

Enabling Riders to Let Trusted Contacts Track Their Ride

Uber now lets you designate as many as five friends and family members as Trusted Contacts to let them know where you are and where you are going on your Uber trip. They can then track your whereabouts on the map and know when you have reached your destination.

Your Uber app also lets you set reminders to let these Trusted Contacts know about your trip. All of this is to improve safety and transparency during every Uber ride.

Calling 911 from the Uber App

The Uber app now lets you call 911 directly, so your trip location and details are automatically shared with the authorities. Uber is also now testing RapidSOS service in several major cities across the country to automatically share your location data with 911 as necessary.

Instantly Verifying the Driver and Car

The Uber app can now show you a picture on your phone of the driver you can expect to see. That way, you will know whether you are getting into the correct car.

Always double-check that the driver’s name, license plate and car matches the info you were given by Uber.

Covering Riders and Drivers with Auto Insurance

Uber is a large company, which allows us to carry plenty of excellent insurance coverage. This covers both our drivers and their riders.

We carry uninsured/uninsured motorist coverage and auto liability coverage for every ride. So even if you do not have car insurance because you do not own a car, Uber has taken care of that when you are riding with us.

Providing Safety Tools at Your Fingertips

Uber has made it easy for you to access improved safety features as you travel. At the same time, you can access information on what the company is doing to improve your safety as well as that of the driver while riding.

Uber Is Open to Progress

To ensure that the company improves transportation to accommodate every client – whether driver or rider – Uber is listening to input from everyone involved with the service.

Uber is committed to changing the company internally as well as working with cities, aiming to provide a transportation service that is complementary to existing modes of transportation, while making it usable and accessible by everyone.

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