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Proving Your Back Pain Is Severe Enough to Receive Lebanon Social Security

You love your job, but you don’t love the extreme pain you feel every day while you are working. Bending or stooping causes shooting pain down your legs—so severe they tend to give out. Walking some days is impossible, as is sitting for long periods of time. You can’t afford to quit your job, but your quality of life is poor because of all of the pain you experience. Lebanon Social Security is designed to help people just like you, but you won’t qualify unless you successfully prove your level of discomfort prevents you from working.

Your Credibility

Your word plays a major role in whether or not you are approved for Social Security. You will talk to the doctor about your pain, and may also speak with a Social Security claims examiner about your discomfort. If the agent doesn’t think you are being genuine, you likely won’t qualify for the benefits.

Your Objective Symptoms

Social Security will examine your symptoms to see if they match the requirements for the impairment listing for spinal disorders. Often, the types of symptoms that qualify for benefits are those associated with spinal stenosis, nerve root compression, severe scoliosis, arachnoiditis, and disc diseases.

Your Functional Limitations

Social Security will review what you state as your functional limitations. For example, they will evaluate your range of motion, whether you are able to bend over, if you can walk, if you need to switch positions frequently.

In order to receive your best chances of receiving Lebanon Social Security, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. Contact the law offices of Schmidt Kramer to find out what we may be able to do for you.

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