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A Look into Pennsylvania School Bus Accidents

school-bus-accidentsWhile it is difficult to think about, fatal school bus accidents due occur. 

Unfortunately, two Pennsylvania women have already lost their lives this year due to school bus accidents.

Between 2010 and 2014, a total of 3,966 accidents involving school buses took place across the state of Pennsylvania.

Of these accidents, eighteen people lost their lives. 

The bus accident statistics for 2015 have yet to be released, although they are expected to be similar to the previous years’ statistics.

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Bus Passengers Not Typically Victims

In 2014, nearly 4,000 people were involved in school bus accidents in Pennsylvania. While the majority of these accidents did not result in loss of life, three fatalities did occur. Of the three people killed, none were passengers on the school bus.

Thus far in 2016, neither of the two school bus accident victims were passengers on the bus. One woman passed away after the vehicle she was riding in was hit by a school bus.

The other death involved a pedestrian who was struck by a school bus while attempting to cross an intersection.

Causes Behind School Bus Accidents

The exact cause of the two fatal accidents this year has yet to be determined. It is not uncommon for crash reconstructionists and crime scene investigators to take a number of months to accurately determine the cause of a fatal accident.

However, a number of causes for this year’s bus crash fatalities have been speculated, such as:

  • Icy road conditions
  • Drivers of other vehicles involved were driving at inappropriate speeds for weather or road conditions
  • The school bus drivers were distracted at the time of the accidents

Accidents involving school buses can have devastating effects, causing serious injuries and even death.

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