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Pennsylvania Ranked 7th Most Dangerous State for Drunk Drivers

worst states drunk drivingIn a recent study, Pennsylvania was ranked number seven on the list of most dangerous states for drunk driving. Ranked first was North Dakota, followed by Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, South Carolina and South Dakota.

The report, issued by, revealed Midwestern and Western states are the most dangerous for drunk driving. The study’s director suggested that treacherous road conditions, such as snow and ice, combined with increased alcohol consumption contribute to the poor rankings of Midwestern states.

The state rankings were compiled by data from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the FBI, National Traffic Safety Administration, Kids Count Data Center and an online legal network.

The following data made up the rankings:

  • Driving under the influence arrests comprised 25 percent of a state’s score
  • Drunk driving fatalities accounted for 35 percent
  • Laws to discourage drunk driving made up for 10 percent
  • The cost for each fatality accounted for 10 percent
  • Arrests for driving while impaired accounted for 25 percent

DUI Crackdown

Earlier this month, “Angie’s Law” was approved by the state legislature in an effort to crack down on Pennsylvania drunk driving incidents. The law primarily targets repeat DUI offenders convicted of vehicular homicide.

The new law would grade the crime as a first degree felony, instead of a second degree felony, and mandate at least five years in prison with consecutive five year terms for each additional victim. Additionally, offenders would be unable to drive in Pennsylvania for life.

Although people are aware it is illegal to drive while impaired, they continue to do so, endangering the lives of other motorists, pedestrians, passengers and themselves. The new legislation sends a clear message to anyone who drives drunk, “This crime will not be tolerated.”

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