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Medical Evidence to Obtain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Benefits

Just like almost every Pennsylvanian, you pride yourself on being a hard worker. Having carpal tunnel syndrome, however, makes working difficult. Between the numbness in your fingers and the pain in your wrist, holding objects and typing are nearly impossible.

You heard from a friend you may be able to receive Social Security disability benefits because you don’t have total control of your hands. You also heard getting it is difficult for your condition, and it is.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Social Security With Medical Evidence

Having diagnostic test results on your side when applying for Social Security may increase your chances of getting it. Doctors use a variety of tests when determining carpal tunnel syndrome, including:

  • Nerve conduction study. This test measures how quickly signals travel through the nerves in your hands and wrists that control movement and sensation.
  • Pressure provocation test. In this test, the doctor places pressure on the carpal tunnel to check for tingling or shock.
  • Thumb weakness test. Patients are asked to raise their thumbs to the sky when they are flat on tables, or touch their thumbs to their pinky fingers in this test. The results are used to determine how weak the thumb is and if this weakness is a result of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Doctors may also use tests such as MRIs and ultrasounds to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome and to assess the degree of disability.

How We May Be Able to Help

The SSD attorneys of Schmidt Kramer understand the difficulties those with carpal tunnel syndrome experience and we want to help you receive the benefits you may be entitled to.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney about your situation and learn how we have helped others who are just like you.

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