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Man Faces Deportation after Amity Township Car Accident

A Philadelphia man, who is not a legal citizen of the United States, is facing charges after driving without a license and causing a car accident in Amity Township. That accident critically injured the other driver and two of the man’s passengers. 

Luzenei Gomes Soares, 31, was driving south on Route 662 (also known as Old Swede Road) just north of Weavertown Lane in a work van, when he suddenly began driving in the northbound lane. His car ended up in the path of another car, driven by Eric Kowalski Jr., 20, of Exeter Township. Kowalski swerved to try and avoid the crash, but Soares steered back into the southbound lane and collided with the car. 

Kowalski suffered multiple injuries and was unconscious when police arrived on the scene. He was taken by ambulance to Reading Hospital. At last report, he was in fair condition. Soares also had two passengers in the work van—Estaban Cartagena, 37, and Marco Damasceno, 40—both of Philadelphia. The two men were also taken by ambulance to Reading Hospital and have since been released. 

After the accident, the police asked Soares for his driver’s license; he gave them a photocopy of a Washington state driver’s license. That license was found invalid because it was issued after his Pennsylvania license was canceled or suspended. He was ordered to be detained pending deportation proceedings because he is not a legal resident of this country. 

Soares was charged with causing an accident involving personal injury while not properly licensed, driving with a suspended or revoked license, reckless driving, and related offenses. 

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