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Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Truck Driver and Trucking Company for Exceeding Height Restrictions

truck accident exceeding height limitsA man from Harrisburg, PA is suing a truck driver from Newport News, Va. after he was seriously injured in an accident on Interstate 83 in Dauphin County.

On April 2, 2018, a semi truck traveling northbound struck the Paxton Street overpass causing its load to fall onto the highway and hit multiple vehicles, including the victim’s Toyota Tundra.

The crash left the injured motorist with significant spinal injuries, chronic daily headaches and a totaled vehicle.

A federal lawsuit has now been filed in U.S. Middle District Court. Scott Cooper, a partner at Schmidt Kramer, is representing the victim. Cooper is seeking compensation on behalf of his client against the truck driver and its employer, Mercer Transportation. The suit claims the truck driver should have been aware of the truck’s height and the height of oncoming bridges at all times to avoid a collision.

County court records also show that state police issued the truck driver numerous traffic citations. These include exceeding the height allowance for the semi, operating unsafe equipment, and improperly displaying a registration plate.

The truck driver has since pled guilty to improperly displaying a registration plate and operating unsafe equipment and was ordered to pay $360 in court fines and other related costs.  

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