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Lancaster Woman Speaks about Dangers of Cellphone Use While Driving

If you’re wondering what a major cause of car crashes is in Pennsylvania, ask your auto accident attorney. Harrisburg lawyers often meet with people who were seriously injured by individuals who were driving while distracted. One big source of distraction is the cell phone. Texting while driving is banned in the state, but drivers are still allowed to talk on their cell phones, regardless of whether or not they are hands-free. 

Jacy Good was involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania that killed her parents and nearly took her life. They were driving home to Lancaster from her graduation at Muhlenberg College in Allentown when a distracted driver caused the deadly accident. The car Jacy was in entered an intersection, when a driver talking on his cell phone tried to turn left at a red light and cut in front of a tractor trailer. The truck swerved to avoid the drivers and hit Jacy’s family’s car head-on. 

Five years later, most of Jacy’s injuries have healed, but she has a traumatic brain injury. She does not have full use of her left arm or lower left leg. She also believes it has desensitized her in some ways because she cannot cry.

For nearly three years now, Jacy has been traveling and speaking across the country about the dangers of distracted driving. She has said “There’s absolutely nothing on their cell phones, whether it be a text message or a phone call or a Facebook update or anything, that’s more important than their own life or the life of the other people on the road around them.”

Distracted driving is certainly a big problem in Pennsylvania and across the country, and we encourage people to be attentive and present when they are driving. 

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