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Keep Teen Drivers Safe by Educating Them about Possible Dangers

We recently saw an article on by Brianna Spause, called “Stay alert, stay alive: Teen drivers and risky behavior,” and it really caught our eye. As an auto accident attorney, Harrisburg drivers will often come into our office with injuries caused by a crash with a teenager who was driving unsafely. We think it’s important to highlight these problems so that parents and teachers can talk to their children and students about how driving safely doesn’t just protect them, but other drivers on the road, as well. 

Unsafe driving is the number-one killer of teens in the United States, and according to, crashes involving teen drivers have been responsible for more than 85,000 deaths since 2000. Drivers that are 16-years-old are at the highest risk for a fatal crash; that’s 40 percent more than 18-year-olds and 30 percent more than 19-year-olds. Why do these accidents happen? It’s mostly because of silly things that can be easily prevented: texting, speeding, peer pressure, talking on the phone, etc. 

Ms. Spause’s article also notes that many teens overlook the financial and legal consequences of unsafe driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving estimates that a vehicular manslaughter conviction is grounds for up to 10 years in jail. The Pennsylvania Anti-Texting Law states that drivers caught texting a driving will get a fine of $50. Some insurance companies offer incentives for teen drivers to stay focused and avoid accidents by taking a small percentage off their renewal bill and by taking money off their deductible every year without an accident. 

If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania car accident caused by a teen driver who wasn’t paying attention, you may want to seek compensation by contacting a car crash lawyer. Harrisburg is home to Schmidt Kramer, a reputable auto accident law firm with a track record of success. Call today for a free consultation at (717) 888-8888