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Do You Work One of The 10 Jobs on This List of Jobs with the Worst Drivers?

driver checking watch in morningPeople who have certain kinds of jobs, such as ticket salespeople, fitness club managers and production crew members, are more likely to have had traffic tickets or been in car accidents, according to a new Insurify Insights study of 1.6 million car insurance applications.

Researchers used this information to make two lists: one for the 10 jobs with the worst drivers and one for the 10 jobs with the best drivers. The jobs with the best drivers had low percentages of drivers who had prior incidents (tickets or accidents). The jobs with the worst drivers had much higher percentages of drivers with problems.

If you work in one of the 10 occupations with the worst drivers, you could have a higher risk of getting in an accident on the way to or from work. You may want to be extra cautious when you are behind the wheel.

You should also know your job and driving record can affect the cost of car insurance. Insurance companies review these things when deciding how much they will charge you for coverage.

Jobs with the Worst Drivers

The list of the 10 jobs with the worst drivers includes a variety of occupations. About 37 percent of the drivers in the 10th job on the list had a prior incident.

10. Sales Representative

Sales representatives are often very tired on the way home because they work long hours at a fast pace. They are often driving home late at night, and this also puts them at higher risk for an accident or traffic violation.

9. Journalist

Some journalists must wake up very early, particularly those on TV in the morning. Others have bizarre hours because of all the travel they must do.

8. Massage Therapist

The percentage of massage therapist with prior driving incidents is 10 percent higher than the national average.

7. Metalworker

This is an exhausting job because these workers must stand for long periods of time and lift heavy things.

6.  Welder

Welders are often working late at night or extremely early and their jobs require a lot of physical activity. Welders also work a lot of overtime, which makes them even more tired when they get out on the road.

5. Chiropractor

More than 38 percent of those who said they were chiropractors on their insurance applications had prior driving incidents.

4. Bartender

People are probably not surprised bartenders made this list. They are often working late and may be more likely to share the road with drivers who are drunk.

3. Production Crew Member

These are some of the least glamorous jobs in the film industry. They handle things like set design and scouting of locations for filming. They often must work late into the night when filming.

2. Fitness Club Manager

Even though these people have conventional work schedules, they have a lot of driving incidents. Almost 39 percent of fitness club managers had past driving incidents.

1.Ticket salespeople

More than 43 percent of ticket salespeople had past driving incidents. These workers spend a lot of time talking to people on the phone and often work on weekends. This means they are often very tired when they get in their cars.

Jobs with the Best Drivers

Some of the jobs on the list for best drivers may surprise you, while others may make a lot more sense. Even if you work in one of these 10 jobs, you should still be cautious on the road. Nobody plans to get into an accident, and you cannot count on other drivers to be careful to avoid a crash.

10. Executive

These people are responsible for running companies, which is a huge responsibility. They seem to take their responsibility to be good drivers just as seriously. A little more than 21 percent of executives had a driving incident in their past.

9. Real Estate Appraiser

They often work just 40 hours per week, even with travel to different properties. They are on the road, but this has not led to more accidents.

8. Detectives

This may surprise you as detectives often work long hours and can be put into physically-demanding situations. The difference between detectives and patrol officers is detectives are not on the road as much.

7. Director/Composer

The flexibility of these jobs could be why these workers are less likely to have been in an accident or have a traffic citation. They also do not have to travel very much.

6. Federal Agent

These employees travel often travel often, but they are usually not driving their own cars.

5. Agricultural Inspector

Even though they often work more than 40 hours per week, it does not seem to have a negative effect on their driving. The percentage of inspectors who had a driving incident was eight percent below the national average.

4. Park Ranger

They do not need to do much driving, which is probably why a low percentage of rangers have had driving incidents.

3. Dry Cleaner

These jobs do not cause workers to have a high risk of getting into an accident.

2. Fisherman

This job keeps people away from cars because they are usually out on the water or working on docks and do not need to drive.

1. Postmaster

They are on the road often but appear to be responsible drivers. They also have a set schedule, so they are probably less likely to be exhausted when behind the wheel.

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