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Investigators Crack Down on Social Security Disability Frauds

If you are truly suffering from a disability and have been denied benefits, it can be extremely frustrating to know there are some people out there collecting payments who aren’t really disabled. That is why we were happy to see a recent investigation by the Utah Office of the Attorney General that saved the Social Security Administration $22 million in prevented fraud last year. In 2012, investigators in the Utah AG’s office and the Social Security Administration looked into 368 allegations of fraud and the SSA denied 157 of them. 

One thing the Utah Attorney General’s Office was truly amazed by was how bold some people are in fraudulently collecting benefits and going about their daily lives. They don’t even try to act like they have a disability. One 40-year-old man who had been collecting thousands of dollars in Social Security disability benefits for sore muscles actually posted a video on YouTube of himself—he was playing air guitar, wrapped in tinfoil, and rocking out to music. The man had insisted his sore muscles did not allow him to work or even leave the house, but obviously his YouTube performance told a different story. 

Another interesting fraudster they caught was a 37-year-old man who had claimed he couldn’t work because of a broken heel bone, immobile ankle, and chronic pain. The investigators observed him picking up his baby, driving his truck, and walking without any problems. When he was confronted by investigators, he tried to run—apparently, his heel and ankle weren’t so badly hurt after all. 

Social Security disability is reserved for people like you who truly need to collect benefits to survive. If you need assistance with appealing a denial or even filing for disability, it’s time to contact an experienced Social Security lawyer. Camp Hill and Harrisburg individuals suffering from disabilities frequently contact the attorneys at Schmidt Kramer for a free consultation—just call (717) 888-8888 today.