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Read 10 Ways To Improve Your Credit Based Insurance Score!

As discussed in a post from March 2, 2015, more and more insurance companies are using credit scores to set insurance premiums. How can you improve your credit score? Here are 10 ways to improve your credit-based insurance score:

  1. Pay bills and all credit accounts on time, or even early;
  2. Make sure no past due bills or accounts ever go into collection;
  3. Do not apply for new credit cards unless absolutely necessary;
  4. Do not make several new applications for credit at once;
  5. Make sure you actually have credit cards and accounts in order to build up a good credit score;
  6. Apply as early as possible for credit in order to establish a good history since length of time is a factor;
  7. Keep high credit limits accounts open;
  8. Check your credit report at least once annually;
  9. Do not maintain high balances on credit accounts; and
  10. Try to minimize the number of applications for loans or refinances to prevent a lot on inquiries into your credit.

Why Talk to a Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer?

From bruises, cuts, and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, the damages that can result from a Pennsylvania car accident can be severe and life-changing. The last thing you need is the trucking company who’s responsible for your injuries to deny you the compensation you’re owed. That’s why you need our professional and experienced Harrisburg car accident lawyers on your side.

At Schmidt Kramer, we stand up to insurance companies that refuse to play fair. We know what you’ve been through and we know what you deserve. 

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