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Harrisburg Teen Car Accidents Major Concern Over Summer Months

June 11, 2012 –  Why are there more car accidents among teens and college students in the summer and how can we reduce them? Studies show that over 400 teenagers die in car accidents each month of the summer around the United States. 

There are many reasons which people believe lead to this high number of summer fatalities. First, teenagers and college students are not in school, giving them more time to engage in speeding, reckless, and drunk driving. Second. summer has more road construction, which leads to more traffic accidents. Third, due to the nice weather and vacations there are naturally going to be more drivers on the road. The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest days for teen drivers and their passengers.

There are a few ways to reduce and minimize the dangers of car accidents.

  1. If possible try not to drive between midnight and 5 a.m. when there is a greater likelihood of another driver causing an accident.
  2. Always remain on the lookout for others who are not being careful.
  3. Wear your seat-belt! Buckling yourself  up can save your life.
  4. Never drive drunk or ride with someone who has been drinking. This may seem obvious but every year thousands of people are killed and injured in alcohol related accidents.  
  5. Get the right amount of sleep! Sleep deprivation can impact your fine motor skills and lead to delayed reaction when operating a car.
  6. Do not text or email while driving. It can wait.
  7. Keep you car in proper working order. Accidents can occur due to the car malfunctioning.

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