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Harrisburg Injury Lawyer Talks About the Penn State Hazing Scandal

May 10, 2012 – Below is Annie McCormick’s May 9, 2012 report from CBS affiliate WHP TV-21 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania updating the Penn State hazing scandal.  Schmidt Kramer personal injury lawyer Scott Cooper commented on the ongoing investigation.  For more go to the WHP TV-21 website at the link which follow the article.

Three students did not walk at graduation in wake of PSU hazing scandal.  One employee has resigned and several students are not allowed to graduate following a story you saw first on CBS 21 News.

Freshman Asya Trowell spoke first to CBS 21 about the abuse she endured while pledging for a “little sister program” affiliated with a fraternity off-campus.

Last week we showed you the written account from that night from multiple witnesses. The four people accused all denied it and one included a staff member.

After we aired Asya Trowell’s story of alleged physical abuse while pledging an auxiliary group to PSU fraternity Omega Psi Phi it caught attention.

One of the four accused is Claude Mayo, a graduate assistant employed by the University. We’ve now learned amid the investigation he has resigned and the other three are students that did not walk at graduation.

“It confirms the employees knew about it and this could not have been the first time and she wants them to investigate further,” stated Trowell’s Attorney, Scott Cooper. Cooper wants to make sure in light of allegations of a cover up in the Sandusky case the same didn’t happen to Asya.

“What we’ve been saying since you broke the story is what the school should have been doing which is being proactive, not reactive,” Cooper commented.

PSU says they continue to investigate since Asya filed her complaint on April 9th and Wednesday released the following statement:

“Criminal charges have not yet been filed, though those may be forthcoming. The same is true for campus judicial charges. Those accused students who planned to graduate last weekend were prevented from doing so pending the outcome of these inquiries. One employee in Residence Life who has been accused in the matter was immediately placed on administrative leave and has since resigned. A graduate assistant who was overseeing a program within the College of Science and who also has been accused of misconduct has resigned as well”

The second person mentioned in the press release is not linked to Asya’s case, rather another hazing allegation against the same group.

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