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Getting Enough Compensation for Your Car Crash Injury?

How much are my injuries worth? How do I know if the insurance company is offering me enough money? What is a good compromise?

When you’ve suffered serious injury in a car accident in Harrisburg, you may be struggling with these questions and more. It’s not easy to know how much is enough. Here are a few tips to help you know whether you are getting an adequate compensation:

Know Your Injury

The seriousness of your injury will greatly affect the amount of compensation you get. This is why Pennsylvania car crash attorneys sometimes suggest victims wait to settle until the injury is fully healed or the extent of the injury is truly known. If you don’t know how high your medical bills will be, you will have a hard time estimating a fair compensation.

Know the Formula

Often, insurance companies use formulas to decide how much of a settlement to offer. One common formula is to take the victim’s medical costs times 1.5 for minor injuries, 5 for serious injuries or 10 for very serious injuries. Then they tack on additional compensation for whatever income the victim lost from being unable to work. However, formulas vary, and no two situations are exactly alike.

Don’t Settle Immediately

As a general rule, insurance companies tend to lowball victims—especially with the initial settlement offer. You can typically expect the first offer to be much lower than your injury is worth and possibly not enough to cover your medical expenses.

Consult an Attorney

Of course, the best way to make sure you are getting a decent compensation is to consult with a Harrisburg injury attorney who is experienced in car accident claims. Our lawyers know how to negotiate claims like these, and we can help you settle for the fair compensation you deserve. To see how we have helped others like you, we invite you to check out our testimonials and case results.