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Getting a New Job Could Cost You Your PA Social Security Disability

You went through a lot of work to finally start getting disability benefits. The last thing you want to do is anything that would jeopardize that paycheck. Before you get too scared at the thought of losing your disability anytime you attempt to make a little extra cash, you should know that your benefits will not automatically stop the moment you get a new job. Termination of Social Security disability benefits due to a new job is based on the following two criteria:

Is Your New Income Substantial?

Thankfully, not just any job will result in an immediate end to your disability benefits. The Social Security Administration in Pennsylvania will review your current situation and determine whether or not your new job is considered adequate to support you. This is what is known as “substantial gainful activity,” or SGA for short. In 2014, a person who makes $1,070 a month is considered to be engaging in SGA and therefore no longer in need of disability benefits.

Was the Trial Work Period Successful?

It’s also important to note that if you try to return to work but are unable to do so for very long, your disability benefits will not be affected. In general, your trial work period will start as soon as you get a job earning at least $770 a month. You should continue receiving your disability benefits for up to nine months while returning to work. If you are still gainfully employed after this trial period, your disability will end. If not, your benefits will continue.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you have questions regarding your Social Security disability benefits or if you feel your benefits are being wrongly terminated, you should contact a lawyer. The skilled team at Schmidt Kramer has experience working within the Social Security system in Pennsylvania. Our SSD attorneys can answer your questions and represent you in court should you decide to pursue a claim. We encourage you to read some of our client testimonies to see how we have helped our clients.

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