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Fact or Myth? Hands-Free Equals Safety on the Road

You know texting while driving is both dangerous and illegal in Pennsylvania, but does it count if you’re using a hands-free device with voice commands? Surely that’s much safer, right? After all, why else would there be a push for such devices?

Yes, hands-free devices and voice command options were initially considered to be much safer than handheld cell phones. However, recent research shows that they are actually no safer at all. In fact, they can be more dangerous in some ways because they offer a false sense of security while still stealing the driver’s attention from the road. Anything that causes a driver to be momentarily distracted has the potential to cause a serious Harrisburg car accident.

The Problems Hands-Free Devices Can Cause

Many hands-free devices and voice command options still require the driver to engage in any of the following activities:

  • Locating and picking up your phone while driving
  • Pushing a button to open the voice command option
  • Holding the phone close to your face to speak your command
  • Looking at your phone to make sure it translated your command, text or email correctly
  • Locating and pressing the send button

Infotainment systems on newer cars offer hands-free calling and speech-to-texting with fewer manual tasks, but even these newest “safety” features take up precious driver concentration—delaying reaction time and increasing the potential for a serious crash. A three second delay is all it takes for a crash to occur, forever changing the life of you or a loved one. Don’t fall victim to the illusion that using a hands-free device with voice command options will keep your family safe. There is truly no safe alternative to hanging up the phone and driving.

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