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Essential Steps to Avoid a Social Security Disability Claim Denial

As you have probably read by now, most people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) have their claims denied at first. In fact, statistics suggest that about two people are rejected for each person who successfully applies.

For most of these cases, the Social Security Administration rejects the application because of incomplete or contradictory information. One of the advantages of hiring a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to take charge of your case from the beginning is that he will know precisely what information to include in the initial application.

At Schmidt Kramer, for example, our Harrisburg Social Security lawyers have successfully helped hundreds of people get their much-needed SSDI benefits with just one application, and we have guided hundreds more through the appeal and hearings process to overcome an initial Social Security disability claim denial. One of our first steps is to warn applicants about the problems that can doom their cases even if they are otherwise eligible.

Watch out for these problems that can sink your SSDI claim

Even if you might be otherwise qualified to receive SSDI benefits, you can have your Social Security disability application denied for one of the following four reasons:

  1. An inadequate medical history. Sometimes, people with disabilities will avoid going to the doctor because they don’t believe they can be helped or because they cannot easily afford a clinic visit. However, having a thorough medical record from the onset of your disability can be vital to obtaining SSDI benefits.
  2. Treating the Social Security Administration as the enemy. Yes, it can be ridiculous how often you are asked to give the same information over and over. Even so, try to maintain a friendly and cooperative attitude when dealing with Social Security employees. If you’re pleasant, your caseworker is more likely to help you fill out the form right, rather than reject your latest application as incomplete.
  3. Substance abuse. If you abuse alcohol, prescription medication, or illegal drugs, you can lose access to federal benefits, including Social Security disability payments. This is especially a risk if your addiction is contributing to your disability.
  4. Exaggeration or inconsistency. Tell the truth. Tell the same truth to everyone. If you try to change your story to get sympathy, the inconsistencies will eventually be noticed, and this will cast doubt on all of your statements.

The biggest error of all

We’d like to suggest that the biggest mistake you can make is trying to represent yourself in dealing with the Social Security Administration—especially if you’ve already had your first Social Security disability application denied.

Securing SSDI benefits can be amazingly demanding. Because of your disability, you are hardly at your mental and physical peak. Your best recourse is to hire a legal team that can deal with your case compassionately and that can bring a huge depth of experience to your case.

Schmidt Kramer is a law firm that matches those requirements precisely. Our Harrisburg office, in the heart of Pennsylvania, accepts cases from across the Commonwealth, with most of our clients from Dauphin County and nearby communities. If you wish to learn how we would approach your case, call us today at 717-888-8888 or (717) 888-8888 toll-free to schedule a confidential and FREE consultation. We don’t charge legal fees unless we’re able to get you benefits.

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