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Coalition Sets Goal of Eliminating Traffic Fatalities Within 30 Years

busy freewayIf a new coalition of federal regulatory agencies achieves its goal, there will be no more traffic fatalities by the year 2046.

The group is called the Road to Zero Coalition and it consists of multiple organizations under the Department of Transportation (DOT) umbrella, including the Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The National Safety Council (NSC) will also work with the coalition.

One of the coalition’s main strategies will be promoting strategies that have been proven to save lives in traffic accidents, including using seat belts and campaigns to change dangerous driving behaviors. The coalition will also work to address infrastructure design, overall system design and enforcement.

The DOT will assist this effort by spending $1 million per year in grants for the next three years to help support organizations that are working to prevent traffic fatalities.

The efforts of the coalition, along with the rapid introduction of automated vehicles and related technologies, could be the key to eliminating all traffic fatalities, according to NSC CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman.

The formation of this coalition comes in the wake of an alarming increase in traffic fatalities in the past year and a half. There were 35,092 traffic fatalities in 2015, a seven percent increase over the number of deaths in 2014. That is the largest increase in car accident deaths since 1966.

The trend has continued into this year, as the number of traffic deaths in the first half of the year was nine percent more than in the first half of 2015.

Traffic fatalities are often caused by negligent drivers who were operating their vehicles recklessly. That is why the law allows families of the victims of these tragic crashes to pursue fair compensation for their injuries.

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