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What Parents Need to Know: Driving With Kids in the Car Is Extremely Dangerous

Every driver’s multi-tasking skills are put to the test when kids are in the car. From handing out snacks to breaking up fights, parents are often forced to do much more than drive when children are present. Although these tasks are often essential, they are extremely dangerous as well. We are told not to drive while distracted, as doing so can cause an accident. However paying attention to the road when you have kids in the car is nearly impossible.

A Look at the Facts

What would you say is more distracting, phones or children? Here we take a look at the startling facts about driving with kids in the car. 

Cell Phones vs. Kids

Studies show that having kids in the car is perhaps more distracting than a cell phone. In an Australian study, researchers found that over a 16-minute car ride, drivers with kids in the car looked away from the road for an average of three minutes and 22 seconds, which is 21 percent of the time. According to this data, this means kids are around 10 times more distracting than phones are.

Taking Your Eyes Off of the Road

Two seconds here. Four seconds there. It doesn’t seem like much time, but a lot can happen in just a few seconds while driving. If you’re looking in the rearview mirror at your fighting children instead of what’s ahead—even for just a couple of seconds—you could miss a pedestrian walking out into the street, or a car that cuts in front of you.

When You Are the Victim

Car accidents frequently occur and are often the cause of distracted driving. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, give the attorneys of Schmidt Kramer a call. We may be able to help you receive compensation that can help cover your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and time lost away from work.  We invite you to speak with a legal professional by using our online chat feature, or fill out the form on our website. 

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