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Dr. Maryjo Szada Lost Medical License For Multiple Reasons

Posted on May 15, 2014

Recently, the Pa. Board of Medicine entered into a Consent Agreement in which Dr. Szada admitted:  “following a joint investigation by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and the Commonwealth Department of Health it was determined that the Respondent [Dr. Szada] : 1) failed to meet minimum CDC standards for high level disinfection of semi-critical instruments, specifically vaginal speculums; 2) failed to meet the minimum record keeping requirements set forth in the Board’s regulations at 49 Pa. Code Section 16.95; 3) failed to timely and appropriately conduct review of and provide follow up treatment for outside laboratory and test results; and 4) failed to conform to quality standards of the profession.”

Her license was suspended indefinitely.

Some patients have been notified of free testing by the Department of Health; the concern being that sexually transmitted diseases may have been passed from one patient to another through the use of unsanitary instruments.

Schmidt Kramer is involved in this situation, and seeks to help patients of Dr. Szada if they suffered injuries due to the failures described in the Orders.

The personal injury attorneys at Schmidt Kramer in Harrisburg can be reached at (717) 888-8888.