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Read Dos and Don’ts Of Shopping For Pa. Auto Insurance

If you are trying to save money and want to start with cutting back on your auto insurance coverage, think again.  In Pennsylvania, there are many ways ot save on your auto insurance premiums but more often than not if may not be in your best interest.  Here are some suggested do’s and don’ts to follow when shopping for car insurance.  If you have questions or want an experienced Pa injury lawyer to review your policy please contact us today.

1.     Do make sure your policy reflects your current needs. Many folks put their auto insurance in place when they buy a new car and then forget about it. But there are many situations that could mean you no longer have a policy that reflects your current needs. Look at each aspect of your policy to ensure it is appropriate for the current age, mileage and value of your car. Then, make sure your personal information is still accurate.

For example, you may no longer need GAP insurance or you may drive fewer miles than you did when you first put the policy in place. Your marital status may have changed, or you may now have an advanced degree. These are all factors that could mean a drop in your car insurance rates.

2.     Don’t skimp on uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage. This coverage protects you from being uncompensated for injuries or stuck with a repair bill for your car and potentially your medical expenses if you are hit by a driver who is not insured or doesn’t have adequate car insurance.

3.     Do put money aside if you drop your collision coverage. If you drive an older car that has very little value, it might be hard for you to swallow the idea of paying for collision coverage since there’s a much higher risk of the car insurance company considering your car a total loss and offering a lump sum versus repairing it. If you decide to drop collision coverage, be sure you have an amount in savings that at least equals the value of your car to use for repairs if you have an accident, or to use as a down payment if you buy a new car.

4.     DO GO WITH FULL TORT AND Don’t go with the bare minimum of coverage.  Purchasing limited tort and not full tort is almost always a mistake and will not save you that much money per month.  Pennsylvania has a minimum mandatory coverage for liability but it is only $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident.  It’s almost always a good idea to go with amounts higher than the bare minimum. You are legally responsible for any damages that are above what your policy covers. If you can’t afford to pay what you are responsible for, your future earnings and your assets, such as your house, could potentially be used to pay for car damages and medical expenses.

5.     Do raise your deductible and drop unnecessary coverage. Collision and comprehensive (coverage that doesn’t involve a collision) insurance represent the two most important aspects of your auto policy. But smaller car insurance elements, such as car rental and towing, can be dropped with minimal impact — though they don’t cost that much to begin with. Raising your deductible will provide more savings, though make sure you have enough money in savings to cover it, should you have an auto insurance claim.

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