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AAA Warns Drivers to Not Take Selfies with Your Pets While Driving

driving with a petDrivers have been warned to not text and drive, and now they’re also being warned by AAA to not take selfies with their pets while behind the wheel.

Drivers are opting to take Fido to run errands, go on a road trip or simply take their pet to the vet. In more than 700 surveys completed by AAA throughout three different states, the driving habits of motorists who ride with their pets was examined.

About three percent of participants said that their pet caused them to get in a car crash while driving.

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According to AAA, drivers admit to letting their pet move freely from seat to seat, allowing the animal to sit on their lap and even playing with their pet while driving. Although the majority of drivers say their pet has not caused a car crash, at least 13 percent admit that having their pet in the vehicle has caused them to be distracted.

Dogs, cats and other pets are often distracting when they are not restrained. Only 26 percent of survey participants admitted to always restraining their pet in the car. By not restraining your pet, you fail to protect him/or her as well as other passengers in the event of a sudden stop or auto accident.

AAA recommends the following safety tips for those who want to bring their pet on a joy ride:

  • Pets should always be placed in the back seat, and situated in a carrier or harness attached to the seatbelt.
  • Do not give your pet food or water in a moving vehicle.
  • Avoid letting your pet stick its head out of the window, debris and dirt can injure its eyes and ears.
  • Stop every few hours to let your pet stretch its legs.
  • NEVER leave an animal in a parked car.

Although it can be fun to have your pet in the car, it is essential that they are safely restrained for your own protection and theirs.

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