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What Every Dog Owner Should Know

bandaged dog biteIf you are a dog owner, you should know what the three types of dog bite laws are. Nearly every state has them and they may vary slightly.

Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog each year. While some injuries are minor, others can lead to hospitalization, infections and life-long scars. If you have been injured by a dog bite contact a reputable personal injury attorney in Harrisburg today for a free legal consultation. 

These are the general dog bite laws in the United States:

  1. One Bite Laws – Some states have one bite laws. This means that you are typically not liable for the injuries caused by your dog’s first bite. However, if you violated another law, such as a leash law wherein you must keep your dog on a lease, this one bite law may not apply to you. You should be in compliance with other laws relating to your dog. If you are, you may not have to pay damages. You are also not protected by the one bite law if you knew your dog had a dangerous propensity and could hurt someone.
  2. Strict Liability – This type of law means that, as the dog’s owner, you are responsible, or liable, for nearly every injury your dog causes. It does not matter if you put up fencing and signs and warned the neighbors. If your dog bites another person and causes injuries, you are generally liable. A few exceptions to this law may be if a trespasser comes onto your property without permission, your dog bites the veterinarian or someone provokes the dog by threatening or hitting the animal.
  3. Negligence – This is when you do something you should not or you do not do something you should have. If you let your dog run free when there is a leash law and your dog bites someone, this can be negligence. Negligence may also be forgetting to close the gate and your dog bites someone while roaming outside of your home.

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