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What Kind of Compensation Can I Recover from a Dog Bite Injury?

dog bite injury compensationSuffering a dog bite injury can cause serious physical and emotional pain. Dog bites and attacks have become a regular occurrence. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million people suffer from dog bite injuries in the U.S. each year.

If you have suffered a dog bite injury, our Harrisburg dog bite attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, legal damages, and pain and suffering.

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Pennsylvania Dog Bite Laws

In many other states, dog owners cannot be held liable for dog bites or attacks unless the dog was already known to be dangerous. However, the state of Pennsylvania follows a strict liability standard concerning dog bites.

In cases where confinement laws were violated, the dog’s owner can be held liable for any injuries the dog inflicts on someone. Owners also have strict liability if the dog attacks a person without provocation, even if the dog has never done so before and the owner was not aware of the dog’s possible aggression.

The only exceptions to the strict liability standard are if someone trespasses on property or intentionally provokes the dog. If either is the case, the dog owner cannot be held liable for any injuries caused.

Pennsylvania’s dangerous dog laws consider a dog dangerous if:

  • The dog has injured a person on public or private property without being provoked.
  • The dog has injured or killed a domestic animal while off the owner’s property without provocation.
  • The dog has attacked a person without provocation.
  • The dog was used to carry out a crime.

Under the law, these acts of aggression notify the owner that his or her dog has a propensity to attack without being provoked and is therefore a liability.

Pennsylvania law also holds dog owners liable for damages if they fail to confine the dog. Owners must keep the dog within the house or yard, on a leash or under the reasonable control of a person at all times. 

Compensation for Dog Bites

Victims of dog bites who can prove the dog’s owner is liable for their injuries may be able to recover compensation that covers the damages suffered in the incident.

If your injuries are severe, you can file a claim against the dog owner to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Legal damages
  • Pain and suffering

Severe dog bite injuries can include broken bones, disfiguring lacerations, infection, permanent disability or anything that requires cosmetic surgery.

However, if your injuries are not severe, you can only file a claim against the dog owner for medical expenses.

Time Limits on Recovering Compensation

In Pennsylvania, dog bite victims have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim for compensation. This is known as the statute of limitations.

If you do not file within this time frame, you forfeit your right to pursue compensation.

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