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Disabling Injuries Don’t All Make the Disabled List in Social Security

You can’t help but wince as you look at your latest paycheck. You missed a lot of work on account of your injury, and you can’t seem to catch up now. As you try to find alternative ways to pay the bills, you stumble across Social Security Disability. Is this the answer to your problems?

Unfortunately, a temporary illness will not likely qualify you for social security disability. The requirements for eligibility are very strict, and partial disability is not awarded. Here are common examples of temporarily disabling injuries that may not qualify for Social Security Disability:

Broken Bones

A broken bone, slipped disk or similar injury can be extremely painful, but because it typically results in full recovery in less than a year, it will not qualify you for any disability.

Illness Requiring Surgery

A large number of illnesses and injuries require surgery that may demand several months of recovery. You may even experience a permanent change in diet or decreased mobility, but that will not qualify you for Social Security Disability.

Pacemaker or Defibrillator

The fact that you have had a pacemaker or defibrillator inserted does not itself qualify you for disability. However, this may be a sign of underlying heart problems that could qualify you.

Chronic Pain

There’s no question that a person living in chronic pain may have difficulty working. Unfortunately, pain alone is not a qualifying illness for benefits. If you suffer from chronic pain, you must prove that the underlying issue is a long-term disabling illness that leaves you unable to work.

For more information on what illnesses do or do not make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in Pennsylvania, check out our library. If you need a Harrisburg personal injury attorney to help prove your claim, call us at 717-888-8888 for a free consultation.

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