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Did You Know Auto Insurance May Cover Your Pet For Injury?

Posted on Sep 08, 2014

Did you know that your auto insurance may provide you with compensation if your pet is injured or killed while inside your car or another person’s car? 

This coverage is generally limited to a domesticated dog or cat that you or a family member own.  Below is a sample of the language from one Pa. auto insurance policy.  Not all company’s provide this coverage.  Some provide for coverage up to different amounts.  However, most of them now provide the coverage and it is generally free of charge and not subject to any deductible.  If you are interested in this coverage you should contact your insurance company, or review your policy first.

If “your pet” sustains injury or death while inside “your covered auto” or any “non-owned auto” at the time of a covered loss, we will pay, without application of a deductible:

  1. Up to $750 for reasonable and customary veterinary fees incurred by you or a “family member” if “your pet” is injured in, or as a direct result of, the covered loss; or;
  2. A $750 death benefit if “your pet” dies in, or as a direct result of, the covered loss, less any payment we made toward veterinary expenses for “your pet.” In the event of a covered loss due to theft of “your covered auto” or any “non-owned auto”, we will provide the death benefit provided “your pet” is inside that auto at the time of the theft and “your pet” is not recovered. We will provide the death benefit whether or not the animal is actually replaced.
  3. The most we will pay for all damages in any one loss is a total of $750 regardless of the number of domestic dogs or cats involved.


The following definition applies to this coverage:

  • “Your pet” means any domestic dog or cat owned by you or a “family member”.
  • This coverage is additional insurance and NO deductible applies to this coverage.

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