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Cars and Trucks Killing More and More Pedestrians Each Year

pedestrian deaths increasingA new report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reveals there has been a rise in pedestrian fatalities. Ten more pedestrians died in 2015 due to trucks, motorcycles, SUVs and cars than in 2014.

More alarming research reveals a 19 percent spike in pedestrian deaths between 2009 and 2014. The number of pedestrian deaths rose to 4,884 in 2014. For the first time in 25 years, pedestrians represent the largest percentage of traffic deaths.

For 2015, an estimated 15 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities is anticipated. The increase in the amount of people killed while walking or biking takes place during a time when traffic deaths have dropped due to auto manufacturer improvements, such as crashworthiness and crash avoidance.

Yet, pedestrian lives are still at risk. Unlike the European Union, which has made pedestrian safety improvements on their vehicles like fenders that absorb greater impacts, the United States has been slow to incorporate similar changes that could minimize pedestrian deaths.

While alcohol is implicated in many pedestrian fatalities, there are more people than ever walking because of increased health benefits and the high expense of owning a car.

Experts have said this report is not focused enough on other factors like road designs that make for a hostile environment for pedestrians. Oftentimes, highway improvements that could benefit pedestrians, yet slow car speeds, are dismissed because authorities cannot imagine lowering car speed limits.

Still, some communities are taking action and incorporating Vision Zero’s philosophy, a new movement by pedestrian advocates and city officials that believes one pedestrian death is too many and strives to reduce pedestrian fatalities to zero.

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