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Chuck Schmidt Interviewed On The Filing Of The Second Known Civil Lawsuit In The Penn State Scandal

We’re learning even more about a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged 12th victim Thursday against Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile. It’s an exclusive story you saw first on CBS 21 News live at 5.

The accuser, who was 12 when Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually abused him, says that Sandusky gave him whiskey before touching inappropriately. His lawyer says it happened just once, but it scarred him for life. “Pulled out a bottle, poured a glass of whiskey and told him to drink,” stated Attorney Charles Schmidt. Attorney Charles Schmidt is talking about what Jerry Sandusky allegedly did to his client before sexually abusing him. Schmidt says this allegedly happened on Penn State’s campus, at Sandusky’s office inside the Lasch building when his client was 12-years-old. His client’s mother died just a year before this happened and Sandusky would talk to the boy about his problems.

The boy was involved in The Second Mile, a charity which helps at risk children. The Second Mile is also a charity that Sandusky built from the ground up and where he preyed on his victims. “He has told us that while he was at The Second Mile, he was taken by Mr. Sandusky to his office, given alcohol and sexually assaulted,” Schmidt explained. CBS 21 News obtained court documents which show that potential victim number 12 has filed the first of many steps in a civil lawsuit against Jerry Sandusky, The Second Mile and Penn State University. The lawsuit was filed in Philadelphia County. Attorney Schmidt wanted to file it ahead of any possible criminal charges before the statute of limitations expired in the case. This is the second civil lawsuit filed against Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile.

The first one was filed last month. Both of those lawsuits are only civil at this point, which means the allegations these two victims, number 11 and 12, are making could turn criminal once the Attorney General’s Office is done investigating. For more go to the WHP-TV 21.

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