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Percentage of Fatal Car Crashes Went Up During COVID-19 Lockdowns

up close on speedometerAlthough the COVID-19 lockdowns caused a significant decrease in car accidents, the empty roads may have enticed many drivers to speed, resulting in deadlier crashes in many cities.

According to an analysis performed by Reuters, the ratio of deadly accidents increased 292 percent in Chicago, 167 percent in New York City and 65 percent in Boston, compared to April numbers from last year. The city of Madrid, Spain saw a fatal collision increase of 470 percent.

In the U.S., the National Safety Council reported a 37 percent hike in death rates per miles driven for the month of April. In Great Britain, authorities reported many drivers exceeding 130 miles per hour.  

Researchers in Ohio found that although speeding was only up slightly from March 28 to April 19 in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, the number of excessive speeding instances increased significantly.

An increase in excessive speeding events has also been reported in Australia, Belgium and Denmark, according to the European Transport Safety Council.

What Are the Numbers Telling Us?

Despite the ratio of deadly accidents increasing, the total number of fatal car accidents has decreased. The total number of crashes in New York City dropped by 76 percent in April compared to a year ago (from 16,808 to 4,103). However, the number of crashes that resulted in death climbed from 1.2 per 1,000 accidents to 3.2 per 1,000 collisions.

Safety advocates say wide streets and much less congestion may encourage fast driving. Some believe more streets should be blocked from traffic to give people more space for walking, sitting, running and biking.

Data from INRIX, which collects speed and traffic data from multiple sources, shows speeds in New York City surged in April from 28 miles per hour to 41 miles per hour compared to last year. 

In France, although deadly car crashes decreased by 56 percent in the same period, the rate of fatal accidents increased by 70 percent.

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