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Wired Shut: Speak Up to an Attorney About Your Broken Jaw After a Car Accident!

Before your car accident, you probably never considered a broken jaw a common injury. Most people associate car accidents with whiplash and broken noses, but broken jaws are actually quite common. When vehicle occupants are thrown forward into the steering wheel, dashboard, or other internal components, their jaw is often the first body part to strike.

Jaw fractures are incredibly painful, made more so by the fact that jaws are often fractured in two places after an accident. Many times a victim will suffer a fracture where their jaw struck a part of the car, and the force will cause a secondary fracture near the end of the jaw at the joint just below the ear.

How Can I Tell If I Suffered a Broken Jaw?

While a jaw fracture may be incredibly obvious to the victim, many times it is masked by other injuries, such as broken or loose teeth. The pain and swelling from these may overshadow any other strange feelings and symptoms that are often associated with broken jaws, including:

  • Misaligned bite
  • Bruising and swelling along gums
  • Pain or swelling below ear
  • Difficulty talking or opening your jaw
  • Numbness in your lips or chin

In addition to pain and swelling, many important nerves are housed along your jawline, and may be damaged by the fracture.

While your mind may have been a blur at the scene of the accident, make sure you inform your doctor of jaw pain when you are able to seek medical attention. The doctor will perform an examination that includes looking for the above symptoms, as well as taking several x-rays to verify where the break or breaks may be located.

If You Have Suffered a Broken Jaw in a Pennsylvania Car Accident, Call an Attorney Today

While the recovery period for broken jaws is relatively short, the treatment process can be very invasive. Many patients with broken jaws require surgery, and most have a very challenging time eating or drinking for the duration of their treatment.

Because of the pain and potential long-term implications of a broken jaw, seeking medical attention as soon as you realize what has happened is critical. If your jaw fracture was the direct result of an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation from that driver’s insurance company.

To learn more about the compensation that is owed to you, speak with our Harrisburg car accident attorneys by scheduling a free consultation today. Connect with Schmidt Kramer by phone, online chat, or our short contact form today, and learn how you can collect damages for your injuries now.