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Another Insurance Company Distances Themselves from Sandusky

State Farm insurance has filed a lawsuit to allow it to avoid paying Jerry Sandusky’s legal bills.

Schmidt Kramer injury lawyers consistently resist insurance companies attempts to wriggle from coverage.  We have successfully shown insurance companies that they cannot walk all over the people who paid premium for coverage.  If you or a loved one has been injured in Central Pennsylvania and the insurance company is not taking you seriously, an attorney in our office may be able to help.

The lawsuit argues that State Farm should not have to pay because Sandusky’s acts were intentional, and would be part of a business pursuit.  Sandusky’s personal insurance policies includes exclusions which may take away coverage. Scott Cooper, a Schmidt Kramer injury attorney, who is also the president of the Pa. Association for Justice, was quoted in the article to say, “You are covered under your homeowner’s policy for negligent acts, which a lot of people don’t realize.” “Until the insurance company gets a judgment that this was intentional, they have to provide coverage,” Cooper said.

This lawsuit by State Farm follows a similar action by Federal Insurance, which insured the Second Mile. Sandusky is fighting the action by Federal Insurance, and is expected to mount a defense to the State Farm declaratory judgment suit. It is expected he will argue that the results of the conduct were not intentional, and therefore not excluded from the policy.

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