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After Sandusky Trial, Focus Turns to Civil Suits & the Freeh Report

The Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse trial is over and the guilty verdicts have been read. But for many of the former Penn State football coach’s alleged molestation victims, the fight is just beginning. Now, after three new men have come forward with abuse allegations and just days after the enlightening Freeh Report was released to the public, victims and Pennsylvania injury attorneys are delving in to what exactly took place, and who should have been responsible for stopping it.

What is the Freeh Report?

Seven months ago, former FBI Director Louis Freeh began an in-depth, private investigation into the Penn State sexual abuse scandal that shocked the nation. Over 400 interviews later, the 200-page report found that head coach Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials could have done more to stop the decades of claimed molestation—some of which took place on school grounds—and that the University’s culture and obsession with football was one reason that accusations were not made public earlier.

The Freeh report may play a vital role in the upcoming civil lawsuits, but it is important to understand that the document may not be the final word in what happened—especially since it is unclear whether the newest accusations of abuse may come from men who were not interviewed.

The next step: Discussing damages with Penn State

Penn State University released a press release stating that it would approach victims and start discussions about damages; however, our law firm’s client related to the case has not been contacted. The Freeh Report, along with new evidence, will both be key when it comes to civil cases and compensation. We believe that PSU; Sandusky’s non-profit, The Second Mile; and Jerry Sandusky himself are responsible for damages.

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